【TOEIC Speaking】応答問題 特訓(事前練習でテンプレ化)<Kohay先生⑭>






2022年6月9日(木) 22:30~23:00
ワールドトーク」 kohay先生(第14回)




2.応答問題 事前練習の成果×2


Imagine that a local news media is introducing attractions of the  town you live in. You are having an interview about your neighborhood.

Q1: What is your favorite thing to do in the town?

I like to go to a cafe near my house.
It takes 5 minutes to get there.
I enjoy a cup of tea in the cafe.

Q2: Where do you usually go when you have dinner with your friends? Which food do you like the most?

I usually go to an Italian restaurant called Salvatore.
I like to eat Margherita pizza.
This restaurant is quiet, so I always relax there.

Q3: Do you want to live in the neighborhood for a long time? Why, or why not?

I want to live in the neighborhood for a long time.
I have a few reasons.

First of all, my parents’ house is close to my house.
So I can go there anytime if something happens.

Also, the transportation is convenient.
In fact, the first station is near my house, so I can sit on the train to work.


I want to live in the neighborhood for a long time.
I have two reasons to support my opinion.

To begin with, it is highly important to consider the cost of living there.
For example, we have lots of reasonable restaurants and convenient stores.
By living there, I can save money.
And also, there are many friendly people I can relax there.


Imagine that a telecom company is conducting a survey to users. You have agreed to a telephone interview on cell phone usage.

Q1: How often do you use your cell phone? 

use my cell phone every day.
I use it at home.
Especially, I search the Internet on Google.

Q2: What do you like to do on your cell phone?

I like to search the Internet.
I often check current affairs on Twitter.
Also, I check some terms on Google.

Q3: Describe advantages and disadvantages about using a cell  phone.

In my opinion, the advantage of using a cell phone is portability.
For example, you can use it anytime, including in a bathroom, on a bed.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is wasting money.
In fact, some people tend to use a lot of money on their smartphones, such as applications, online games, and phone bills.


Talking about advantages of cell phone, we can use social medias anywhere and anytime.

For example, I have lots of my friends on social medias such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Speaking of disadvantages of cell phone, on the other hand, using a cell phone can lead to addiction.


3.応答問題 初見問題×1

Imagine that a British marketing firm is doing research in your country about food.

How often do you eat out in a typical week, and what kind of restaurant do you go to?

I usually go to an Italian restaurant
I go to restaurant once a week.

What are some advantages of eating out?

The eating is … eating outside …


You can eat what you can’t cook by yourself.
Of course sometimes it’s expensive.
But you don’t have to cook by yourself.
It’s easy.

Think about memorable meal What did you like about it? and why?

I like memorable meal.
I have a few reasons.
First of all, I love my birthday.
For example, I held a party in the restaurant…

memorable meal…記憶に残る食べ物


One of my memorable meals was the birthday cake when I was 8 years old.
I liked it because my mother made it by herself for me.
Actually it was my first time to receive a birthday cake made by my mother.
My mother made an effort, so baked a cake on her own.